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Prosperity Spells
Prosperity Spells

Prosperity Spells

Getting Rid of old Emotional Ties

To dissolve an obsolete emotional bond, when the Moon is waning or dark, strip naked and cast a circle. Light a thick incense such as dittany of Crete or Egyptian kyphi and swathe yourself in the smoke. As you do so, imagine the bond you wish to break protruding like an umbilical cord from your solar plexus. Now take saline solution and flick it all over the cord, envisaging it shedding white light as it absorbs into the emotional fibers of your old relationship. Witness the cord dissolving as you determine to lead a healthier emotional life. If the bond proves stubborn, produce an astral sword, and slice. When the bond is visibly broken, desist, cleansing your solar plexus with saline solution. As you do so, chant: “Hindrance out. Freshness in”.

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