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Luck Spells
Luck Spell

Luck Spells

Stitch a Wish

To bring any positive wish you desire, take a sewing needle and red thread, a white handkerchief, a white candle, and your favorite incense. On the night of a Full Moon, as close to midnight as possible, light the candle and incense. Pass the handkerchief through the smoke of the incense, and think of your wish. Sew the thread through the handkerchief in any shape you desire, while saying: “With each stitch this spell I fix, with this thread the spell is fed. What I want will come to me; this is the way it must be!” Repeat the charm three times. Extinguish the candle and incense. Place the handkerchief beneath your pillow and expect a prophetic dream concerning your wish. Hide the handkerchief and repeat the spell in one lunar month if needed.

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