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Luck Spells
Luck Spell

Luck Spells

Victory in Vegas

Here are some suggestions to aid gamblers in Las Vegas or other gaming meccas. Charms: Good-luck charms should be carried in a green pouch; charms include buckeyes, loadstones, whole nutmegs, small horseshoe-shaped magnets, or a piece of High John the Conqueror root. Gambling oils: The best commercial one I've found is Anna Riva's Haitian Gamblers' Oil, but you can also make your own, blending cypress, basil, and rosemary oils and adding rosemary needles, mint or basil leaves, or pine needles. Rub on palms and on money you gamble with. Beating the odds: Since odds are on the house, it's to your advantage to think positively about the casino as you enter. Smile, tip well, be friendly, and manifest a positive aura. If you are really good at this, you may earn unexpected "comps" such as free meal, drinks, and tickets just by lending a positive atmosphere to the place! .

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