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Luck Spells
Luck Spell

Luck Spells

Safety Map Spell

To ensure safety before taking a long trip, get out a map of the area through which you are going to
be traveling. Cast a circle, and then, using a green pen, trace the route you're going to take. After you've
done so, take a piece of white chalk and lightly cover over the entire itinerary with a thin layer, visualizing
the white chalk as a glowing light of protection along the route. Then, place a row of amethyst or tiger's-eye, or a string of beads, along the route and say: "Guard and guide our trip, and all who venture
on this road. See us safely to our destination, see us safely home. Blessed be."Visualize yourself arriving
safely. Fold the map, with the crystals inside, and tie it with a white ribbon. Keep it on your altar or in a safe place until you return.”

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