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Love Spells
Love Spells

Love Spells

Love Mist Spell

To create an elixir of love mist, fill a spray bottle with water and gather Venus oils-such as rose, geranium, cherry, ylang ylang, or vanilla. Draw a pentagram on the ground or floor to work within, and place drops of oils into the water until you are pleased with the scent. Ideally, work outdoors beneath Venus, the first bright evening star. If this is not possible, visualize a dark sky and focus on the brightest star. Raise your hands toward the light of that star, and feel the flow of the goddess of love. Bring down her power and let it flow from your hands into the scented water. Put on the spray cap, and spray straight up into the air letting the lovely scented mist drift down on you. Spray mist as desired to charge areas and yourself.

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