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Although you don't always realize it, you spend a portion of each night letting your unconscious spirit dance through your dreams, weaving elaborate scenes with shreds of your past, present, and (imagined) future. When you remember these images, they may fascinate, confuse, or frighten you. "Where was I?" "Who was that person?" "What does it all mean?"

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From the very first documented dream in 3500 B.C. to the present day, people have been intrigued, mystified, guided, even governed by their dreams. Dreams may be fragments of an unresolved event from the past or of subconscious desires for the present. Your spirit may be trying to rise above your current situation and move forward into the future. Dreams can wreak havoc with peaceful slumber-or bring harmony to your life.Throughout history, the fascination with dreams has been universal. Ancient Egyptians approached dreams with religious reverence. Greek writers and philosophers including Plato and Aristotle believed that during sleep humans and divine beings communicated, and that dreams were the memories of those conversations. Traditional Hawaiian culture teaches that during dreams, the human soul travels on journeys, meeting others and having important experiences.

Native Americans have long attached great significance to dreams and their messages. Certain tribes created dream catchers to filter out nightmares and retain only the best images. According to tradition, a Lakota spiritual leader once had a vision of the wise teacher Inktomi, who appeared in the form of a spider and began to weave a web on a willow hoop. Inktomi explained that his perfectly round "web of life" would capture good dreams and visions, while letting bad dreams slip through the hole at its center. Other native cultures describe the dream catcher as holding onto bad dreams, letting only the good ones pass through the center into the consciousness. Some feel a feather placed on the hoop shows the good dreams where to enter.

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Early twentieth century psychiatrists Sigmund Freund and Carl Jung wrote and taught extensively about the importance of interpreting dreams. They created elaborate explanations for each symbol in the dream traveler's repertoire.

But it is important to remember that each dreamer's journey is a personal one. Only you can decipher the meaning behind the images that appear during unconscious slumber. Your spirit speaks to you at night through your dreams. Listen to its messages. Use the guide to help interpret dream meanings. Unravel the mysteries of your mind and sail with your creative soul on a ever sweeter dream journey.

A Dreamer is a theatre in which the dreamer himself is the scene, the player, the prompter, the producer, the author, the public and the critic.
- Carl Jung

When we are awake, we think in words. When we are asleep we think in images.

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