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Who are we?

Established in 2001, eLoveMagic.com (A Shop4Love Company) is a leading online site of Spells and Astrology . With an ethical commitment to providing the highest levels of service, quality and privacy in a comfortable environment, eLoveMagic.com continues to win the respect of customers across the United States and around the world.


Our policy of customer satisfaction, privacy and confidentiality, and the convenience of our online shopping service. Unlike many companies selling sexually related material, our Business Ethics Code restricts

any products deemed to be exploitative or offensive. This means only

high-quality sensual and educational products geared for adult sexual exploration and enrichment will ever make it to our product line. Our products have been carefully selected from the most respectable and reliable publishers, producers and manufacturers. eLoveMagic.com is a Total Quality Service firm, dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Our Guarantee ensures every purchase from eLoveMagic.com exceeds your expectations of quality and service.

Our Code of Ethics

Our code of ethics is perhaps the most stringent in the industry. eLoveMagic.com is dedicated to bringing you the finest quality, most tasteful sensual products available. We abide strictly by the following code of ethics:

eLoveMagic.com (the Company) will not sell products which may be considered harmful, illegal or exploitative. Product selections are based

on their value in the promotion of sexual health, sexual education, self-help, and pleasure.

The Company will thoroughly examine the quality of its products before marketing them to the public. Quality is assured through refund or exchange.

The Company will ensure the complete confidentiality of its customers in all respects. Names, addresses and other personal information given at any time, regardless of circumstance, will be private and non-transferable.

The Company will offer a spectrum of products appealing to consumers from all walks of life.

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