Chinese Astrology

Chinese Astrology

The Horse:
SUMMER is your season.
JUNE is your month.

You are compatible with:
Tigers, Dogs and Sheep

Cheerful and Gregarious, Popular and Loves to Party. Perceptive Warmth, But Hot-Blooded Impatience Leads to Feisty Anger. Independent, Ignores Advise, Skillful with Money. You are Sexy and Tends to Fall in Love Easily.

LOVE: Eternally in love, and fiery like a stallion, you love the tumultuous emotions you feel when falling in love and discovering a partner; you throw yourself body and soul into a new adventure and are immediately passionate but without jealousy or possessiveness. A wonderful companion, you shower the people you love with presents. But passion only lasts for a time and you get bored quickly... At the first sign of routine, you take off for greener pastures.

Famous Horse People:
John Travolta, Jackie Chan, Clint Eastwood, Sean Connery, Barbara Streisand, Paul McCartney, Mike Tyson, Troy Aikman

The date of the Chinese New Year varies from year to year, and it generally occurs during the second half of January or the first half of February. If you were born during this time of the year then you will need to consult a Chinese astrologer or date book to find the Chinese year of your birth, and if you were born in the first half of January, your sign is that of the previous year.

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